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Samatic dc wizard


DC Form

with Quick , Automatic



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Whether you make DC coils a few times a year, or a few times a day, we have the ULTIMATE solution for you. You will enjoy making these hard and time consuming coils, in a fraction of the time, and you will pocket the profits. This head pays for itself in just a few coils. It comes with a built -up software in the SAMATIC machine, and is very easy to use. We can also retrofit most of our older machines to use the DC Wizard. Contact us for details.

The DC Wizard Head relieves your shop from the need to prepare DC forms for each new DC job. The DC Wizard is a universal head, which means you can adjust it to any dimensions and immediately start to work. It takes only 2 minutes to adjust the Head, and it takes about 8-10 minutes to complete a 2" by 8" perfect field coil with double tapering. In your current machine, this task may take 8 hours, including the build up of the proper forms. And  last but not the least- you no longer spend money on preparing new DC forms for each and every job  and storing them for years.


SAMATIC DC Wizard in combination with the SAMATIC machine provides the following advantages no one else can give you:

13. With the SWIM program, you can now see graphically how the information you key into the machine -generates a preview of the DC coil you are about to wind.


Here you can see a coil with 70 turns, round wire with right hand taper of  -1 (Minus 1 )  and left hand taper of  0 (zero).




Click here to see some sample DC set-up screens


when you connnect the SWIM to the winding machine, all the information flows back and forth. Every time you set a DC coil, the data and the look appears on the screen. This way you can always see in advance how your DC coil will build up, and you can fine-tune it if necessary.






1. Dimensions from 1" to 42". (figure A)












2. Automatic setup- no tooling are needed, no pegs. Just a flip of the switch.

3. Precision to 0.05".

4. 2 minutes to set up.

5. Automatic tapering- from left, from right, from both, or None.

     You can reduce from 1 to 9 wires on each side as desired.       (figure B)













6. Machine works in "Jumping" mode or in "Smooth" mode or in the

    "Rectangular/Square"    mode when it layers.

7. Maximum Coil Weight- 800 Lbs !

8. Coil Take Off- is done by simple sliding. The Wizard remains in its setup, so

    there is no need to set it up for the next same coil








9.  Wire sizes from AWG 2 to AWG33

10. Coils are perfectly tensioned, layered and ready to use in minutes.











11. Rectangular/Square wires can be used., as well as Glass coated square etc.     








12. Tapered coils are made so perfectly, that when removed from SAMATIC Wizard, they stay

in shape even without varnishing! (see pictures)