Over 1,100  shops have purchased and use SAMATIC testers daily. Before we introduce some of the EXTRA features that come with Samatic's New Generation Testers,  Lets read what some SAMATIC tester's users have to say...

Or the complete Curves and Analysis screen, Reporting shorts in Phase C . ( Quality C=90 )

Letters from SAMATIC customers

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This is an EXCLUSIVE Samatic Feature. For the first

time a tester determines and explains the  problem(s)


Fig 1-2.

SAMATIC always displays :


SAMATIC puts an end to the GUESSWRK

you can set any coil (or a phase, or a group of coils, etc.) as a  Reference  Coil (=100) and then find out  who is equal, who is worse and who is better  than the reference coil.  The SAMATIC Tester can report it because it is the only tester capable of SCORING each tested coils by NUMBERS . Therefore a better coil will read  above 100, a worse coil  will read numbers below 100 , and an equal one will read 100.

A clear visual display of Curves (Overlapping or non-overlapping ) is also provided , as in Fig 2.1 and 2.2

Up to 10 Coils can display simultaneously on the screen, one next to the other.

testing each coil is fully automatic  and takes only 4 seconds !!

In SAMATIC, all the different tests are selected from simple and clear Interactive screen menues.

Every test is accompanied with a unique screen display. If you make a mistake- a message will instantly pop-up to guide you

This way- you don't need to carry the operating manual with you. It has been built into the tester.

The same SAMATIC unit will test very small to very large motors, from Fractional HP (KW)  to  10,000+ HP.

Samatic does not need additional Power Packs which are mandatory with any competitive testers. Samatic is using the built -in Adaptive Joules Booster that takes care of large size motors.

In addition, Samatic has automatic screen scaling and screen "Expanded View" to handle details in small , or Odd motors, so that no minute detail is left unnoticed  whether it is a small motor or a very large one.

Customers TRUST  the OBJECTIVITY of your findings , therefore select you over

     the others for all their predictive and repair needs.  

Some Advantages of having this SAMATIC feature:

You do not need the costly training seminars on how to interpret the readings.

You are told EXACTLY where the problem is , i.e. which one of the phase(s).

You can send anybody , not just one or two "trained" people to any site.

Events that the eye CANNOT detect, are easily explained by the SAMATIC Analysis.

It is easy and reliable to TREND the motor over a period of time. NEVER deduct

    the wrong conclusions. !

Every  SAMATIC Tester is Precise,  Fully Automatic, Auto-Ranging, Auto-Calibrated , with Menu selectable

testings! Just select the desired test, push the Start button and the test is done,displayed and memorized...

Every  SAMATIC Tester packs the following features in a portable hand-carried unit: SURGE Tester ( up to

15,000 Volts), DC HIPOT Tester (up to 15,000 Volts) , PI (Polarization Index)  Recorder, Analyzer & Curve

Plotter,  Winding Resistance Tester, Armature Tester, Single Coil Comparator ,  Broken & Damaged Rotor

Bar Detector ,  STEP-Voltage Tester,  Built-In memory for 12 Motors , Swimet Software (to easily send test results from the built-in memory of the tester to any PC ),  Self Calibration mechanism  ,  LCD screen -bright and sharp,  Printer -rechargable & portable ,  Armature Testing module with  Yoke Attachment.

The complete Testing Package is in full compliance with NEMA, IEEE and ISA recommendations

Fig 1-1.

SAMATIC -Single Coils Comparison Test

Fig 3-1.

Fig 3-1.

This shop is checking a set of

HV coils before connecting them

Fig 3-2.

The Tester is looking for a perfect match,

otherwise It will not pass the coil(s)

This Feature Has Many Important Applications :

In Checking and verifying your Windings,

In singling-out a bad DC coil out of a group ,

In Armature testings

in Comparing Traction Coils and

In many other possibilities (more details in the Samatic operating manual)

Another SAMATIC exclusive feature .  With the tested motor running under load, just take a clamp reading  over each of the 3 phase leads and read the screen results.

Any damaged or broken rotor bar is immediately identified.


SAMATIC- Broken Rotor Bars Detector

SAMATIC - MENU based Screens

With SAMATIC you do not need additional and expensive "Power Packs" !!!

SAMATIC's  interactive menues guarantee that  any motor-shop personnel can use and operate the tester properly, even without any advanced training

The Main Menu . selecting an item

will open up a new sub-menu screen

Fig 5.1

The DATA BANK Screen.  Keeps complete tests results for 12 motors

Fig 5.2

SAMATIC reporting- the 3rd COIL

has a TTT (Turn-To-Turn) Short.

Fig 2-1.

Fig 2-2.

SAMATIC  reporting  that all 5

tested coils are perfectly equal

Get the results in many ways. From the  simple screen of Surge Curves....

Samatic -The Step Voltage Test

The Step Voltage Test is useful if performed at regular maintenance intervals. Changes in results may indicate insulation degradation. The Test is to be conducted as per IEEE Std. 95.  SAMATIC testers performs it automatically. On the left picture is the STEP SCREEN with the easy setting, and on the right is the immediate printout.

SAMATIC -  NO LIMIT to motor size !

From very small to very LARGE motors

SAMATIC  Motor Testers

All-in-One, Digital , Automatic , Portable

the  Industry's  best selling  testers in  2004-2010

In All 3 sizes :   6,250 V,  12,500 V,  15,000 V  

A Built-In-Printer is packed in the left compartment inside the SAMATIC case (see arrow). This is a portable and rechargable printer.It allows for immediate FULL DOCUMENTATION, so that you can leave the report with the customer if you wish. The report prints the Date, Your Name, Your Customer Name, the Job number, The motor Specs, the Test results, PI, Hi-Pot, Surge. Results are in both Numbers and in Waveforms. Its Simple, Its Reliable and Customers love it.

Note that  when you return to your shop, you can download the test results and print your extensive report on your letterhead with your office printer.

If you have used competitors' tester you know how much time and Money ($$$) , you MUST spend every year to calibrate your tester at the manufacturer labs. SAMATIC put an end to this by integrating the  calibration bridges INSIDE the tester. We encourage you to calibrate more often, always keeping the tester in its highest sensitivity and precision!

Simply select the CALIBRATE from the main menu and in 60 seconds, it is AUTOMATICALLY calibrating itself. This innovative feature of SAMATIC is important and made possible only thanks to the advanced  SAMATIC technology.

Polarization Index analysis is becoming mandatory in many countries around the world. It is an excellent predictive tool. It takes 10 minutes to complete.It is difficult to chart the results as you need a semi-logarithmic paper , you need a very precise megger and you need to calculate the 1Min/10 Min values to PASS/FAIL the motor.The SAMATIC tester DOES IT ALL AUTOMATICALLY.  It Tests, Charts, Documents and Calculates by itself. Look at the Figure above. It shows a Testing Voltage of 1000V, and you can read the current values which are changing by 0.01 MicroAmps. This is the needed precision to obtain the proper analysis. ONLY SAMATIC testers can perform this test with such precision .  This is due to the very advanced built-in sensitive MEGGER . To date, Samatic's runner-up competitor's megger provides only 1 MicroAmp steps. ( 100 times less sensitive than SAMATIC ) !!!

ALL the test results from Samatic's Built-In memory- can be downloaded (sent) into any PC or Lap-Top for storage and trending.  The Tester comes with the SWIMET- the most advanced software to use and work with the tested data . Your tested data can always be printed out using your Letterhead etc.  In the future, when you test again the same motor- you can place the new test results next to the old ones and "TREND" the motor.The difference between SAMATIC technique and the competition, is that we save not just the waveforms, but also the NUMERICAL SCORING of the motor, so you can quickly see that this motor went from 94 to 87, and you know immediately when  to act. Also- the waveforms are saved with the same scaling AUTOMATICALLY (same Volts/Cm), so a visual comparison is precise.

SAMATIC comes with the Instant Armature Testing Fixture. It adjusts around any size Yoke. Next, you need to take only 4 - 5 readings and the TEST IS DONE !!!NO NEED FOR THE OLD BAR-TO BAR TESTER. Check 100 or 200 Bars Armature in LESS than a minute. SAMATIC will also indicate which coil is shorted etc. It even knows how to isolate the Compensation Coils affect.

The Fixture is adjusted over the Armature, and its 2 leads are connected to the tester

Fig 6.1

Samatic -The Instant Armature   Testing Fixture

Sliding the fixture and taking 5 readings

is all what the tester needs

Fig 6.2

Samatic- the Built-In Printer

Fig 8.1  Fig 8.2

A single push-button  procedure for

a complete Tester Calibration

Fig. 11-1

A sample SWIMET screen

Fig 11-2

Another sample SWIMET screen

Fig 12-1

Sample Surge Curves and Full Scoring with only 3-4 cycles displayed

Fig 12-2

Same results but with more cycles. The display

expanded with simply keying the . button

other testers require a good knowledge of buttons

such as: Focus, Intensity, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Volts per Division, Scale ranging, Trace/ Frequency Sweep Control and more...

SAMATIC testers have only a Start button. The tester takes over and frees the user from any manual adjustments. The display of the SOLID STATE SCREEN is AUTOMATICALLY ranged, focused and positioned.

Anytime you need more visual details-simply select from the menu. In Fig 12.1 to 12.4- the user does not need to play with or adjust any buttons or even remember the screen scaling (volts/inch), but simply press the dot key to toggle between screens. We show

How easy is to separate and isolate the curves, and to

Probe any deviation even if its far away. All  screen changes are done with just one key !

SAMATIC- The EASIEST Tester to operate: with just a push of the START Button

Fig 7.1

Printer slides into the left compartment

its rechargeable, ready to document


Fig 9.1

Polarization Index test - precise, sensitive, completely AUTOMATIC, and fully documented

And it also prints the results including the

PI in 10 min=220% PASS, and PI in 60 secs

Fig 9.2

SAMATIC- POLARIZATION INDEX (PI) Analysis Automatic -Testing, Charting, Calculations.

Fig 7.2

customer who receives an immediate hard-copy, with objective test report, is very likely to award you the repair job.

SAMATIC checks any size Armature in just seconds. No more bar-to-bar time consuming procedures

SWIMET- The Communication and Data Collection Software inside the SAMATIC tester

The SAMATIC tester is very light, it is impact-proof, it has everything built-in. This employee is going out to test 15 motors from 2HP to 7,000 HP at Miller Breweries. This is all the equipment he needs. No Big Testers, No attached Printers, Computers, Extra Power Pack, and not even another person to help in today’s on-site testing...

Samatic Unique built-in Resistance Meter comes with a Kelvin based temperature-compensated Circuitry which is the most precise and sensitive on the market. It starts to measure as low as 0.001 Ohm (1 Milli Ohm) and goes way over 200 Ohms. No other tester is designed to cover such a range.  This is another reason as to why SAMATIC detects problems which B--- simply CAN NOT.

FIG 13.1 & 2

SAMATIC Detects resistance mismatches from as low as 1 milli ohms !!

SAMATIC resistance testing will not quit at 200 ohms which is the upper limit for others

SAMATIC- Winding Resistance Tester

with the Highest Sensitivity and the Highest precision

Light, Portable, All-in-One Digital Motor Tester

   SAMATIC- Clearly the choice

Fig 12-3

Fig 12-4

Same results but with more cycles. The display

expanded further to detect beyond the 7th

Same results but with more cycles. The display

expanded with simply keying the . button

expanded further to 7 cycles

SAMATIC New Generation All-in-One Motor Surge Testers


SAMATIC tests a big Armature