Multiple Wires on hand: Up to 20 wires of AWG #12 each, in parallel (or any similar combination of TOTAL DIAMETER, i.e. 40 wires AWG 18 , etc.)

Wire Diameter (in AC Mode):  Thinnest: AWG #32 (0.008 inches). Thickest: AWG # 2.5

Wire Tensioner: Built -in , Fully Automatic .

Learning Mode: This model can "learn" any type of former, either standard or custom-made with a simple key-pad setting.

wire Supply Monitoring: Alarm sounds when any single wire supply ends. Machine stops until operator attends.

Coil size: Max: 43.8 inches peak to peak , Min 2 inch peak to peak

Weight: 1,300 Lb (600 Kg)

Dimensions: 59 x 54 x 59 inches(1500x1400x1500 mm)

 SAMATIC offers a full range of formers made of patented rubberized

plastic to protect the magnet wires. Eleven sizes of round -nosed

 formers, from one to ten inches, eight different types of adjustable   concentric formers, Diamond Head for 12 and 18 coils, (for diamond and   square coils , and others)

And More...

Note: Each machine comes in either  a Metric or  a Inches Version

note: each machine comes in either  a Metric or  a Inches version