Automatic Layer Winding - Automatic Sleeving for Continuity Winding

Automatic Tensioning - DC Coils, Transformers, Special Coils

Concentric Winding - Quick Coil Taping - Quick Set Up - Versatility

Data Bank - Comunication With A PC - Reliability - Everyday Savings - Energy Efficiency

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Automatic Layer Winding

SAMATIC feeds and guides the wires inside every

former slot in a precise layering, all done fully automatically.

All SAMATIC Coils- are perfectly layer wound, are perfectly tensioned and have zero crossovers.

Your Gain:

the FASTEST , EASIEST coil insertion into the

narrowest motor slots.

Automatic Sleeving for Continuity Winding

With the SAMATIC continuity winding feature you can wind up to 18 coils in a single run, with sleeving on any jumper(S). The sleeves are released automatically and positioned exactly on the jumper leads of your choice!

This Patented feature works with any one of

SAMATIC's Coil forms.

Your Gain:


Automatic Tensioning

SAMATIC patented Wire Guide tensions the wires automatically. All the wires are perfectly and precisely Tensioned . The coils Never bow when they slide off the machine, resulting in Perfect, Straight coils for easy insertion.

DC Coils, Transformers, Special Coils

Index up any number of turns per a DC coil and SAMATIC will layer wind automatically each turn and layer!

Each Layer will be Perfect - No Crossovers!

This feature can be used for Single Layer,

Multi- Layered, Tapered DC coils, Transformer,

Wound Armatures, Double end Tapered

Field Coils ... and Special Field coils.

Your Gain:

SAMATIC cuts your DC Winding Time by 70% to 80% !!!

Concentric Winding

SAMATIC  Adjustable Concentric  Heads - one set of heads fit thousands of different motor sizes- perfectly . Each element of the heads move up and down independently,producing a perfect sized coil every time. The adjustments are made in seconds with the special Set Up jig!

Your Gain:


Quick Coil Taping

SAMATIC form heads and the rotating spindle are precisely designed for taping up to 18 coils in less then 10 seconds - and there is no more need to tie coils by hand!

Quick Set Up

SAMATIC coil formers slide in and out on the specially designed guides. It takes seconds to exchange, and second to collapse or enlarge as SAMATIC Memorizes your exact setting!

SAMATIC's Diamond and Square Head attachment provides a wide range of sizes from 2" by 3" to 16" by 32"!

Mounting is simple. It takes less than one minute to change from Round Nose to Diamond Head and vice versa.


All types of coils that your shop sees can be perfectly wound with SAMATIC heads. Whether it is Diamond, Round, Square, Concentric DC, or Transformers, they are all made on the same machine. Wire ranges from a single AWG 33 to multiple wires totaling 1 inch (total diameters) on hand! Now you will be able to take in all those jobs that you were forced to refuse or to farm out and keep the profits!


The SAMATIC remembers internally  up the different jobs for automatic set - up.  Key in the job number and all the winding data appears. With this feature, once a rewind is done well, you do not need test coils, saving you money time and wire! With the External Laptop you can save up to  1 million Jobs.

Communication With Any Notebook/Laptop/PC

Your rewind data can be sent from any PC to/from the SAMATIC for instantaneous set-up. The machine comes with a RS232 port. Store all your job cards and customer information in the PC (with SWIM software), tell the SAMATIC which jobs to rewind, and in what priority. The detailed winding information will then appear on the SAMATIC's screen.


With over 2600 machines in daily operation, SAMATIC machines are a legendary for their reliability and the Highest Quality Workmanship. Each part is built to last many many years with no interruption. SAMATIC experts are always a telephone call away to advise and guide any users with winding techniques, new updates, motor rewind data. When you buy SAMATIC, you buy a lot of experience which is now at your disposal.

Everyday Savings

With SAMATIC your shop Makes More Money on Any rewind job. SAMATIC cuts costs by 50, 60 even 70% and more on every job. With SAMATIC you are able to rewind those jobs that are currently cost prohibitive and Make Money on them. And to many of you don't be the weekend Rush-Job winder, let SAMATIC finish the job by late Friday!

Energy Efficiency

Rewinding ENERGY EFFICIENT (Premium) MOTORS and still maintaining motor efficiency is easy with the SAMATIC METHOD. In fact, there is NO alternative to SAMATIC ! here is why: Energy efficient motor design requires a large number of turns per coil slot (a high FILL RATIO) . These motors are mostly CONCENTRIC wound. SAMATIC , with its and its special Adjustable Concentric Heads, and special layering and tensioning features is the perfect tool to achieve the HIGHEST SLOT DENSITY/ FILL RATIO, in any coil shape, and particularly in the concentric winding method.

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