Time to replace ALL your Motor testers with ONE SAMATIC. The best 10-in-1 Digital Motor Tester on the market- is also amazingly packaged in a portable case.  Your operation should have the best Motor Testers on the world Market- The  SAMATIC 12500R   or SAMATIC 6000R . Here is Why :

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SAMATIC 12500R is a special All-In -One unit . It is the culmination of several years of Research and Development by SAMATIC's top Scientists .

Our main philosophy is to build the best tester, with as many important functions/tests in it, and include special features that will once-and -for-all ELIMINATE the need to train employees on how to use the tester and how to interpret the results !! . We saw how shops using B--- or E----- testers are sending employees to many paid seminars and still ending up with confusing test results of the Motors . We therefore added the automatic test-analyzer, that looks at the tests and precisely evaluate them for you in a " Motor Scoring Fashion ".

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  • We saw the B---- and E---- testers easily damaged due to their Oscilloscope tube breakagein a simple drop.  Also,  Osciloscope screens need  all those trouble-making buttons :  Focus , Intensity,  Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Volts per Division, Scale Ranging, Trace/Frequency Sweep Control and others... 
    So, We  eliminated all these troubles by designing ours latest testers with a menu type


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  • To quickly perform Predictive Maintenance at Customer's location, our tester is equipped with a patented Detector for damaged or broken Rotor Bar(s). We designed the unique Clamp feature,which checks any type motor under-load , and in 20 seconds tells you what is wrong with this Rotor cage !! , and very important- you do not need to have any prior information on the tested motor !!! (#0 on the Main Screen)


  • We saw the painful (and costly...) process of having to repeatedly send the B--- and E----Testers back to the factories for Calibration. We designed ours with a Self-Calibration feature ( * line in Main Menu Screen), so the operator presses a button and the tester calibrates itself with reference to a precise, built-in , fixed sub-system.


  • We saw the Horse-Power Barrier problem of B--- and E---- testers, which force many shops to purchase a separate Add-On Power-Pack unit if they want to test motors over 500HP . SAMATIC overcame this problem. We designed ours with a unique patented "Joules Booster" . This guarantees an easy use of our tester regardless of the Horse Power (or KW) ratings of the tested motor.
  • We saw the serious Resistance sensitivity constraints of B---- (CAN NOT not go below 0.01 Ohm or over 200 Ohms) in measuring Winding Resistance. So we designed a temperature-compensated Resistance Meter with as low as 0.001 Ohm. This is another reason as to why SAMATIC detects problems which B--- simply CAN'T!


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  • We saw the need of recording and /or leaving customers with initial , printed test results. This is why our tester comes with a built- in rechargeable printer . (#5 on the Main Screen, and a whole new screen below) , 


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  • SAMATIC provides the user with a Manual or Automatic STEP TEST of Currents and MegOhms as the DC Voltage ramps up. This gives a better control in Predictive Maintenance procedures and preserves the Motors under test:



And a Sample printout for the STEP TEST looks as follows:

  • We saw how awkward it is to test an Armature with B--- and E---- Bar-To Bar fixtures.   Therefore , we developed the 20 seconds verification procedure with the Built-in Armature Module    and  the special Yoke attachment. This attachment overcomes the awkward Bar-To-Bar procedure and generates conclusive Armature test results in just seconds .


  • We saw the price that top-of-the-line B---- or E----- testers are going for, so, regardless of the many more features we bundled, we priced ours at almost 50-60 percent of their asking prices (by selling directly ),and making it The MOST Powerful , the MOST Advanced and the MOST Affordable Motor Tester in the World !


Finally, we packed all the goodies in a compact, Hand Carried Rugged Case , in case you will feel like going on Field Servicing.

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What Customers are saying: " I always wanted a tester that even I can run . your 12500R is just that unit. Its a tremendous tool for my shop. We do 40% in Marine Servicing. so, the portability and automatic operation are the key. I wish I knew about you much earlier.." R.P, Washington, USA.

" The SAMATIC 12500R Tester does miracles for my shop. It took away all the guesswork in my Field Service and in-shop testing. I ended up buying a second unit in June . We test anything from Single HP to 10,000 HP with them, detect problems in Stators, Rotor Bars, Armatures and many more. It really paid for itself in the first 6 months of use." R.R., Rapa Electric Inc. , Michigan USA.

"... my shop has already been using another tester.  I found out that in my area , shops purchased SAMATIC in overwhelming numbers. The word of mouth was that SAMATIC's features have opened a major gap with Baker. So, I purchased one in January, and I can verify that this is the only tester to consider. It is so sensitive that it detects faults in the higher KW motors that the Digital Baker totally ignores ! It is so great and wisely packed for all our on-customer-site work and with the variety of testing in the repair department. The self-calibration feature is a major money and time saver, and the Automatic Scaling, Auto ranging and self-results analysis- are making it the greatest tool at our shop. I have since recommended the 12500R unit to my EASA chapter members and now they too own SAMATIC..." G.K.P., Quebec,CANADA

MORE from Customers- in our site www.jenlor-samatic.com

When your shop purchases SAMATIC 12500R or SAMATIC 6000R , you are getting ALL these features in the package:

  • SurgeTester , the most advanced of its kind.
  • Hi-Pot (non-Destructive DC) Megger -up to 12,500 Volts.
  • PI (Polarization Index) Recorder,Analyzer & Curve Plotter.  Precision of 0.01 Micro-Amp !!!
  • Winding Resistance Tester. Automatic- Temperature -compensated. Auto Ranging . Precision and steps of of 0.001 Ohms !!!
  • ArmatureTester , with patented Yoke fixture.
  • Single Coil Comparator , for automatic comparison of any type or size coils.
  • Broken/Damaged Rotor Bar Detector
  • STEP-TEST Tester- with Auto or Manual Ramp-up . From 0 to 12,500 Volts
  • Memoryto fully keep 12 tested Motors inside
  • the Swimet Software(windows based) to easily send test results from the memory of the tester to any PC and into your letterhead and/or records.
  • Self Calibration reference sub-system
  • Bright,Sharp, LCD screen(not a breakable Oscilloscop tube) .
  • " Put it in Words " TM  -The screen shows the motor curves PLUS the analysis , in numbers  of the damage, based on these curves.  
  • Rechargable , portable   Printer.
  • Built-In Armature Testing module  with the special  Yoke Attachment.
  • And unlike any other tester - its all Automatic, Auto-Ranging, Auto-Calibrated , Menu selected testing! you select the desired test, push  the Start button and the test is done,displayed and memorized...
    SAMPLE SCREEN of SAMATIC TESTER (each curve in different color, with analysis and full charting of the results . ( Note-The green dots are only for clarifiication).For more info click to go to our site http://www.jenlor-samatic.com/ .


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With more than 2,800 shops in 48 countries, using SAMATIC products  on a daily basis , we believe   we  know the Motor Repair business like no-one else...With this knowledge w e developed the SAMATIC 15000R ,SAMATIC 12500R and SAMATIC 6000R for the modern shops. 

SAMATIC is fast becoming the Industry Standard.  It becomes a key tool for the shops . Shops report avoiding mistakes and guessworks, increased customers satisfaction and peak performance soon after purchasing  the SAMATIC testers. Each SAMATIC tester is built with the legendary SAMATIC quality standards and workmanship.