The Latest in Motor-Shop's Automatic Rewinding Technology

Jenlor's Samatic winding machines are the leaders in the Automatic/Intelligent Winding machines for the Repair Shops around the world- in 75 Countries. The needs of the shops are well understood by our engineers. We are unique in the way  we simplify  even the most difficult winding task with a very simple-to-operate control panel.

The growing global shortage in expert motor repair personnel is one of the driving forces in the success of SAMATIC and of the shops who own our machines . Winders love their SAMATIC. With SAMATIC, winding any simple or complicated jobs, either AC or DC  is done FAST , error-free,  with major time and money savings.

We currently offer 5 types of machines for the Motor Repair Shops . Model 2780 is the most popular, and provides all the needs of a modern medium and  big size shops .

                  SAMATIC 2780                               SAMATIC 3780

                  SAMATIC 2780 EXT                      SAMATIC 4780


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Model 2780

Please note: These  pictures do not show the SAMATIC wire tensioning stand  and the SAMATIC winding accessories which are part of each machine

Model 2780 EXT