Bigger Coil sizes -from 2" to 43.8"! ! !


Pulling Power for more than   20 wires  of  AWG12 in parallel  !!!

(i.e. total of  over 2")  


DC Coils up to 800 lbs, 17.8" width from AWG0 to AWG32 !!!


SAMATIC DC WIZARD- universal, Automatic DC Former From 1"" and up! (optional)


Rectangular/Square wires(optional), Universal Forms Adaptor (optional) and More ! ! !


AutomaticWire Guidance in a manner that assures perfect layer winding, Guaranteed no crossovers


Automatic Wire Tensioning works up to 2" total wire width on hand


Ease of Coil insertion into slots due to zero crossovers, a major time savings with consistent high quality of coils


Sleeves Released Automatically wherever and whenever needed to save valuable connection time (continuity  winding)

Adjustable Concentric with Instant Set Up Jig. Each set of forms fits thousands of coil combinations


Learning Mode- Machine "learns" any standard or custom former with a simple key-pad setting


Instant Set Up Time (30-120 seconds)with a very short exchange time between forms for:











Automatic Coil Sizing



Quick Taping Procedure in 10 seconds or less, all 18 coils are taped


Safety Guard prohibits contact with moving parts


Data Bank- Machine remembers all jobs and coil specs for automatic set up


PC Adapter is built in with the Swim - 100,000 rewind jobs Data/Re-Design/Analysis software


Alarm signals "out-of-wire" and stops machine

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DC Field Coils and Transformer Coil


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Automatic Random Coil Winding Machine

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